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QSC K Series PA speakers are great for a number of occasions. Live performances, Speaking engagements, Wedding Receptions, Clubs, Conferences, Trade shows, House of Worship and many more. These speakers have 1000 watts of clean and clear sound. Select above to navigate and make your choice today.

The Presonus Studio Live is an excellent digital board. It can be used to record your bands live performances or studio sessions. Equipped with a line of digital audio workstation software called Studio One used to create, record, and master music.


Shures legendary wireless mic system gives you a wide selection from wireless systems for vocals, in-ear monitors and instruments like guitars and woodwinds . It doesn't’t matter if you are a start up band, a one man band a professional touring band or presenter. Select the link above to find the right system for you. is here to guide you in the right direction for your Pro Audio needs. Our website can be used as a gate way to some of the best PA gear in the Pro Audio arena. We’ve hand picked the most popular PA gear in the industry.

Listed below are whole worlds of PA speakers we recommend for live bands, speaking engagements, parties and a host of other occasions. We have suggestions from top brands like JBL, QSC, Yamaha, and Electro Voice. Select any of the links below that interest you. For speaking engagements we recommend the QSC K8 through K12. These speakers work excellent for public announcement and gives the quality sound that is needed for vocals. You can also use the search bar to find almost any thing you need. Even items outside of PA gear.


Pro Audio Equipment:

We are a great resource for PA systems. Navigate through our site to find top PA speakers, PA boards, digital PA boards, QSC powered speakers, JBL powered speakers, EV powered speakers, line array speakers & Shure wireless microphone systems. Let PA Sound Equipment guide you to the right sound system. Be sure to protect your speakers by buying protective gear. We have covers and bags for your JBL speakers

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Allen and Heath Zed 10FX USB Mixer with FX

use our resources to purchase your pro audio system.

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